Baden Academy Goes to the Science Bowl

Guest post by Karie Walaan

On Tuesday, January 24th, 22 students attended the Science Bowl at the Science Center. The students participated in four different activities. The first activity was a mystery bag experiment. The students had to predict what type of objects were in the mystery bag in less than a minute. For two of the activities, the students went on scavenger hunts to find specific information. We were able to go to the SportsWorks section of the center and learn and explore. Students loved this one, while they were looking up information, they were able to try a few of the different activities. The other scavenger hunt was located on the floor with the robots. Students were able to explore and test out different robots. For the final activity, students had to create a boat out of one piece of foil. They tested the boat to see how many marbles it would hold without sinking. This was fun to watch and see what the students created. At each station the students were given a set of points and prizes were given to first-third place winners.

Our students had a fantastic day learning and exploring the wonderful world of science and technology.

Water at the Science Fair for the Silent Children

Please come to our science fair tomorrow night – January 26
from 6 pm to 8 pm.

There will be lots to do!  Mad Science and Covestro are there with hands on science for little ones.  Lots of fabulous science fair projects are on display!  Awards will be awarded!

The Take Action club will make sure you stay hydrated.  They will be selling water to raise money for the children rescued from slavery and war.

Stop by the booth to congratulate the Take Action Club leader, Aleenia Reich.  Aleenia was nominated for the Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool Youth Development Network Afterschool Champions Award.  . Champions should demonstrate outstanding work in developing, supporting and promoting meaningful high-quality afterschool/out-of-school time programs to benefit children, youth and families across Pennsylvania.


Aleenia is an extraordinary young woman currently in 5th grade.  She was named a research fellow in our Media Lab program last year when she proposed to run an afterschool service learning club.  Using the curriculum and campaigns provided by WE Schools, Aleenia has led and inspired the students to sell Rafiki bracelets to benefit education in Kenya, hold bake sales for area food banks and homeless shelters, raise awareness around global justice issues, and helped the school raise over $16,000 for St. Jude’s hospital over two years.  I cannot emphasize how capable this young girl is.  Last Wednesday she left organized games, videos, and assignments for the club [and for the mentor!] as she knew she had to leave early (to help a teacher with another afterschool project).  Watch the TED talk she made last year and the playlist for the club (Aleenia does the storyboards, filming, editing and posting)  I can’t emphasize enough have mature, collaborative, and enthusiastic Aleenia is. She inspires the kids and the educators of the school to join this club and take part in its actions

Fingers crossed!


Really? You can Borrow Puppets at the Library?

Taylor Breaden at the Baden LibraryReally?  You can borrow puppets?
On January 11, seven 5th grade families joined Mrs. Breaden and Mrs. Houston for a tour of the Baden Memorial Library.
Mrs. Breaden at Baden LibraryKids and adults who did not already have a library were able to sign up for a card.  They learned about all the phenomenal programs that are held there and at each library in the area.  
Did you know
  • If you borrow a book from a Beaver County library, you can return it to aBernie McKean at the Baden Libraryny other Beaver County Library!
  • You can join after school clubs such as Lego Building, Harry Potter clubs, and more
  • You can rent a movie and the book that goes along with it at the same time – so, read the book, then watch the movie to compare the two!
  • You can get a replacement library card – for free – if you ever lose one.
  • You can order a book online from any Beaver County Library and have it waiting for you at your local library.
  • You CAN check out a puppet!
Baden LibrarySo dust off your library card, go to your favorite library, and lege librum (read a book!).
This evening was part of an ongoing research fellowship of Mrs. Taylor Breaden.  Her fellowship partners Baden Academy with Baden Library.  We are so grateful for part one of this fellowship in which the 5th grade borrows 50 books every month for their classroom library.  Part Two was the family afternoon at the library.  Stay tuned for part three!

Good Luck Future City Competition Team

This Saturday, January 21, from 9 am to 12 noon, the Future City competition will be underway at the Carnegie Music Hall (this is the far right hand side of the Carnegie Museum of Natural History on Forbes Avenue).

Baden Academy students David Denkovich, John Ake, Blair McCombs, Logan Zutter, Devin Nairn, Angel Spect, Nathaniel Curry and Ava Valent with mentors Brenden Finn and Carrie Kennedy, have poured hours of time preparing their model and presentations for the big day.

Special thanks to Mat Davis for 3-D printing their unique Bright Light City Theatrical Dome (interior holograms can change the venue from the Globe Theater, to Heinz Field, to the Hogwart’s Quidditch Field).  Thanks are also extended to Almatis Inc for the extraordinary donation of recycled ceramics we used to make the city with.  Pieces were used to model buildings and fountains throughout the city.  And it couldn’t have been as successful without the guidance of Chelsea Iorfido in having the 6th grade work together on the essay portion of the competition.

Enjoy the pictures and stop by their table in the morning to cheer them on if your family has a day planned at the Museum!

(If you are coming to see the competition, park and proceed through the Carnegie Museums parking lot on Craig Street. Turn right into the parking lot. Parking is $6.00). Enter the Carnegie Music Hall at the rear door located in the parking lot area.


3-D Printers in the Media Lab

Mat Davis and Ultimaker printerMat Davis successfully applied for a Ready to Learn STEM grant.  While you’ll have to wait with baited breath for all that we are getting, two new 3-D Ultimaker printers arrived today.

Alyssa and Kennedy from Future Engineers were on hand to help Mr. Davis unpack the equipment and get it working.

Mat David and Ultimaker PrinterOur first job will to design and print the 3-D letters for Mrs. Kimmicks Kindergarten Font experiments to help her kids recognize site words.  Mrs. McMillen leads our Future Engineers club that will be tasked with helping in the design using Tinkercad.

Mr. Davis’s very first 3-D printed item was the Ultimaker Robot.  Sooo cute and sooo amazing!

Ultimaker robot