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Research Fellow authors create books with leading scientists, academics, and professionals about  21st century scientific, engineering, and computational discoveries they are passionate about. We have learned the best collaborations come when students tell real-world stories about scientists, researchers, and entrepreneurs working at the cutting edge of modern technology. Once the books are written, fellows explore e-publishing, e-commerce and merchandising. Click on the links below to purchase one of our fellowship masterpieces.  Any and all profits are donated to charity.

                              screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-5-49-34-pm   A Colorful Kindergarten by Kelli Keriotis   The ABC's of Veggies by Kate Huoy   King Penguins of the Falkland Islands       The Little Blue Penguins of North Sydney Harbour   Dolly the Dolphin by Isabella Kelm       Hamster Fun Facts by Veronica Judt and Kamryn Vilscek       Storm Stories by Baden Academy 4th Grade Virtual Worlds 2014   Totem Tales by Finniotis Barackage


Book and Author List:
Bats in Danger
   Kennedi Emery
   Kaitlyn Desrouchers
Fred the Fruit Fly visit Dr. Furbee’s Lab
   Carter Catalano
   Hoby Schweikert
What the Heck is Opioid Addiction?
   Angelina DioGuardi
   Quincy Sirko
   Clayton Russel
Don’t Smoke
   Brett Bartholomey
   Quincy Sirko
Max and the Tornado
   Brian Curry
The Amazing Letter A
   Hannah Kimmick
How Colors Make Us Feel
Newton’s Prism
A Colorful Kindergarten
   Kelli Keriotis
Charlie the Seizure Response Dog
   Ava Skender
   Charlie Houston
Barbee the Bee Visits Sister Lyn’s Beehives
   Alyssa Armstrong
   Damon Snyder
   Maya Abt
   Kennedi Emery
Angie’s Tale
   Jaylee Duncan
King Penguins on the Falkland Islands
The Little Blue Penguins of North Sydney Harbour
A Galapagos Penguin Family
   Gavin Phillips
The ABCs of Veggies
   Kate Houy
Hamster Fun Facts
   Veronica Judt