Do you have a new story for BATV Dragon News

Our BATV Dragon News will be a monthly Baden Academy News Show. Our team (anchors: Jaylee Duncan, Rylee Kumer, Lucy Tomkowski, and Joey Pugh) are joined by our production team (see below) to make a monthly video that can feature good news about your child.

Baden Academy
Monthly Dragon News

Have one of your students done something unique or interesting in sports, the arts, or the community? The Monthly BATV Dragon News is airing the accomplishments of our students! To sign your child up please fill out the below form and sent it to the media lab. We will seek them out in their classroom, get a photo, and include a brief announcement in the monthly news. Stay tuned!

Jaylee, Joey, Lucy and Rylee
BATV Dragon News


Child’s Name (First and Last Initial) Classroom Grade

Parent Email

One sentence description of their or their team’s achievement.

___ I understand they will be in a video on public on YouTube

BATV Dragon News Production Team:
Curtjuan Moore
Gina Pugh
Nolan pugh
Dezirae Alexander
Ambyr Clay
Jillian Russell
Bella Wiand
Haylie Turner
Nina Clark
Tommy Ward
Kaetlin Caylao
Curtis Moore
Giana Martinec
Cherish Erb-White
Will Ritchie
Sadie Rushman
Jiavanna Necci


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