Vote today for the Baden Academy i5 Video Competitors

We need your vote for the Baden Academy videos to win viewers choice awards at the i5 Digital Video Competition.

Before April 9

1. Sign into your Google account

2. Click the links below then click “LIKE”

VIDEO 1 of 2 Baden Academy Entries

Students from Baden Academy worked are inquisitive and hilarious as they explore the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math of our school play.
Baden Academy Charter School middle school Kara Sims, grade 4 Isiah Harshman, grade 4 Aidan Ford, grade 5 Evan Houry, grade 5 John Ake, grade 6 Nathaniel Cur…

Video 2 of 2 Baden Academy Entries.

Elise took it upon herself to make a film (she is an amazing young girl and has commanded the Nerd Battalion since 3rd grade).  Check out what she learned about cyber security.
Baden Academy Charter School Grade 6, middle school Elise Propst



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