Baden Academy Goes to the Science Bowl

Guest post by Karie Walaan

On Tuesday, January 24th, 22 students attended the Science Bowl at the Science Center. The students participated in four different activities. The first activity was a mystery bag experiment. The students had to predict what type of objects were in the mystery bag in less than a minute. For two of the activities, the students went on scavenger hunts to find specific information. We were able to go to the SportsWorks section of the center and learn and explore. Students loved this one, while they were looking up information, they were able to try a few of the different activities. The other scavenger hunt was located on the floor with the robots. Students were able to explore and test out different robots. For the final activity, students had to create a boat out of one piece of foil. They tested the boat to see how many marbles it would hold without sinking. This was fun to watch and see what the students created. At each station the students were given a set of points and prizes were given to first-third place winners.

Our students had a fantastic day learning and exploring the wonderful world of science and technology.


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