Six Amazing Baden Academy Teachers Selected as Research Fellows


Six teachers from Baden Academy have been accepted into the Research Fellow Program in the Media Lab.  They were identified as the most talented and promising candidates in one of the most competitive applicant pools ever. Each professional teacher is know for their commitment to personal excellence. In the Media Lab, they will join kindred spirits: scholars, builders, entrepreneurs, and humanitarians (many of whom are their students!).  Many were inspired by Kelli Keriotis’ success in producing “A Colorful Kindergarten” last year.  Together, each teacher is committed to bring a meaningful project to fruition and change the world.  

Watch the video announcement:  

  • Hannah Kimmick: Create 3-D printed alphabets in different fonts to teach sight words
  • Karie Walaan: Produce a podcast deconstructing success of gifted and talented students.  
  • Taylor Breaden: Connecting Baden Academy classrooms and families to Public Libraries
  • Leann Davis: Lessons on Sustainable Housing while building a playhouse model for auction
  • Kelli Keriotis: Author and publish a classroom book on Newton’s discovery of color
  • Shundeena Beard: Animating student’s musical recitals with Scratch programming

There is a lot of work ahead!  Subscribe today to the Media Lab newsletter to keep up to date as they bring their meaningful projects to fruition.



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