Congratulations Science Fair Winners!

Congratulations to everyone who competed in this year’s Science Fair!

The judges commented how hard it was to choose, but some winners emerged!

Special Awards:
Best Presentation: Grade 4: Aleenia Reich
Best Presentation: Grade 5: Ava Valent
Best Presentation: Grade 6: Miriam Whitacre
Most Creative Board Design: Jayleigh Mangus
Most Innovative Idea: Eli Lishack
Best in Making a Difference: Cameron Rankin
Most Challenging: Jacquelyn Paul
Best Model: David Denkovich
Most Complex: Devin Nairn
Fan Favorite: Roman Solomich

Miss Iorfodi: 6th Grade Engineering
Gavin Phillips
Eli Lishack
Bella Altobello-Baker

Ms. Scibetta 6th Grade Experimental
Owen Rossi-Keen
Sam Siget
Roman Solomich

Miss Iorfodi: 6th Grade Experimental
Aubrey Shanor
Navaeh Reich
Cecelia Szekely

Ms. Scibetta: 6th Grade Research
Veronica Judt
Lexi Watt
Chyane Sims

Miss Iorfodi: 6th Grade Research
Jayleigh Mangus
Jacquelyn Paul
Aaron Shanor

Mr. Davis: 5th Grade Experimental
Madison Hunter
Blair McCombs

Mrs. Breaden: 5th Grade Experimental
David Denkovich
Gabby Hoge
Aaron Smith

Mr. Davis: 5th Grade Research
Connor Szekely
Kayla Rankin
Emily Fink

Mrs. Braeden: 5th Grade Research
Brian Curry
Hailey Tooch
Yzzy Lentz

Mrs. DiBasilio: 4th Grade Research
Aidan Ford
Alec Fustich
Aleenia Reich

Mrs. McMillen: 4th Grade Research
Joseph Janicki
Zoe Mangus
Bella Wiand

3rd Grade Participants:
Anthony Speicher
Brett Barthelemy
Chloe Tooch


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