Wizard of Oz Scratch Challenge 2.0

The end of the year point redemption is this Friday.  Students are encouraged to take the Scratch Challenge, write an essay, play some more Chesscademy games, or complete more exercises on Typing.com.

The revised Wizard of Oz Challenge is explained below. If you complete it before Friday, great!  Otherwise, enjoy learning more about Scratch and coding this summer.

4 days left to earn some points and I wanted everyone to have a chance! Here is one more opportunity to create a Wizard of Oz Scratch for some points. When summer is over, I will combine all the Wizard of Oz scenes together into one incredible game, so be sure you create something great!

1. Log into Scratch.mit.edu with your unique User Name and Password (if you have forgotten your username and password, click Join Scratch. If you want us to remember your user name and password, email it to medialab@badenacademy.org.

2. Click Create

3. Name your Project with your name and grade

4. Your Challenge is to create a scene from the Wizard of Oz, any scene. Start with a backdrop (1 point)

5. Decide what will be in your scene and what animation you wish. You can earn up to 3 points by adding sprites. You may, as in the example, create several costumes to one sprite.

6. Animate one or more of your sprites.

7. Add dialog or a song from the Wizard of Oz!

8. Share your project

9. Email the url (the website address for the project) to medialab@badenacademy.org. If you are working on a lab computer or logged into BACSMedialab, use the gmail on the computer to send but be SURE to include your name and grade.
You can see an example that Mrs. Ray and I made for you at

Wizard of Oz 2.0 Challenge Scores Points
Create Background 1
Create 1 spite 1
Create an additional sprite or costume 1
Create 3 or more sprites or costumes 1
Animate 1 sprite 1
Animate 2 or more sprites 1
Add dialog or a song from the Wizard of Oz to play 4


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