The Wizard of Oz Scratch Challenge

Congratulations to the many, MANY winners of “The Gift to Be Simple” Scratch Challenge.  Tied for 1st place for 6 points included Owen R.K., Jacquee P., Oliver K., and Giana M. Other high scorers included Jami G., Charlie H., Emma K., and Samantha S. The complete Leaderboard for all Media Lab Points is online.

The new challenge can be found at

Help Dorothy journey through Oz and get back home.

Start on YouTube and learn how to make a maze game in Scratch: and

The go to this month’s challenge

Points will be awarded by:
1 point: Change or add a sprite.
1 point: Change the background of the maze
2 points: Program the tornado to restart the game if it touches Dorothy. (see )
5 point: Add a new maze and program
– the maze to open when the last maze was finished.
– A start point to show
– An end point to show
– Dorothy to appear at the start point and trigger a new stage when she reaches the end point.
4 points: Add a wicked witch or flying monkey to chase Dorothy through the maze and end the game if they catch her.
4 points: Record your voice singing a wizard of Oz song to play while someone is solving a maze on a particular backdrop.

Consider remixing the project of a classmate, adding to the storyline! Help us create a game in which the whole story is told with many of us singing the various stages!

New computers in the media lab means that we can spend some time in school working on the challenge as a class if your teacher can find the time!  In the meantime, get coding!


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