Saving a Galapagos Penguin Family

Gavin Phillips and Brian Curry are visiting classrooms today with their children’s book Saving a Galapagos Penguin Family. The book was published at the end of the last school year as part of the research fellows program.  Students from the school had a chance to critique some of the first drafts, but this is the first time it is being passed around in the classroom.

Here is a link to a flyer that is available if you wish to order the book for delivery or you can order the book online through Lulu (use the coupon code GETIT15 for 15% off!).

Gavin is busy working on a second penguin book, The Little Blue Penguins of North Sydney Harbor. He has partnered with some wonderful biologists and park rangers in Australia and a student here in the states who is working with them to keep the Blue Penguins safe.

Brian, who worked as a research assistant on the book, is mastering Photoshop, WordPress, and Zazzle as part of the Baden Dreams website team making the gorgeous artwork of our students available as a fundraiser for a new program, Dream Flight Adventures.


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