Baden Academy Chess Club

The Chess Club is a group of students who use the software at to learn and master chess. The group earns media lab points for the points earned on the website.

Once your child has signed up with an online avatar to ChessCademy, they can register for the chess club.

Skylar will be going around to classrooms in January showing kids how to log in and keep playing. Kids in the club will be invited once a month to stop in the lab, log in to demonstrate points earned, get their media lab points, and update the leaderboard.

Some parents requested that we develop a list of interested parents to organize afterschool friendly games at local coffee shops, etc. You have the option to be included in that list when your child registers with the online form on chess club website.

The website also suggests a chess set to order and donate to your teacher’s classroom for kids to play at recess.

Finally, Skylar wants to hold some clockless tournaments on a few Saturday mornings in spring.  Look for upcoming news!


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