Scratch Challenge: The Gift to be Simple and the Rhythm Wheel

December’s Scratch Challenge for Baden Academy

Check out Shundeena Beard and Kassandra Lorey’s recording that is part of the this month’s competition! This video tutorial will help you make some changes and enter the contest. I can’t wait to see what you make!

Tutorial Video

Link to the Scratch Project

This beautiful Shaker dance song was used by Aaron Copeland in Appalachian Spring, Sydney Carter in Lord of the Dance, and YouTube shows over 200,000 related recordings.

Points (no more than 6 will be awarded!)
1 point: Change the background
1 point: Change the Sprite colors
up to 2 points: Add some sprites to make it more colorful.
up to 4 points: Replace the recording with your own
1 point: upload an mp3 of a prerecorded rendition
2 points: record your own version (you can sing, or play violin, or any other instrument)
2 point: adjust the timing of the circle beats to match the new recording
up to 2 points: add lyrics to the slides to in time with the music.

Additional 4 points: MUSIC THEORY BONUS FOR OLDER STUDENTS: Watch theTED-ED video on a different way to visualize rhythm by John Vlarney. Add an inner circle and move/add dots to mark the secondary beats of the song.

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