Essay Challenge: What is an AC Adapter?

Someone plugged in the wrong AC Adapter!

Ever wonder why I get so worried when you try to plug in a computer in the media lab to the wrong cord? Research this Media Lab Essay Challenge and tell the story of what happens when the electrical volts travel from your power station, through the electrical cables of our school, then into and out of the AC Adapter on the power cord. This essays can earn up to 3 media lab points.

Your paragraph

  • must be original,
  • include an opening sentence,
  • several clear researched facts,
  • a concluding sentence.

You can earn two additional points if you include a narrative structure and explain your research in a story form (for example, using the image in the video below, tell a story about how voltage (you could give it a name like ‘Lightning’) can shrink to the right size to power a computer or “voltage” can shrink but still be too big for the computer and could blow a fuse). What kind of story can you come up with?

Parents, are you helping at home? This is a great chance to show your kids where the breaker box is, how electrical lines come into your home, and read the voltage at each stop of the journey. You can research the type of power generation your home relies on (research the company that is printed on your electrical bill), check your emergency supplies for a power outage, or review evacuation plans for Midland Nuclear Power Plant. (Ambridge school district is not inside the evacuation radius, so Baden Academy students are not evacuated).

A great introduction to the journey of electrical voltage to your home is


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