New Scratch Animation Challenge Hamlet and the Sugar Skulls

Congratulations to Will Ritchie for earning the most points in the last Scratch challenge. Good work! There were some people who remixed the project who did not leave their name, so I am not sure who to give points to. Claim your prizes.

Steps to enter the challenge.


Click this link to go to the Hamlet and Sugar Skulls Scratch Project

or go to

Create a new account or sign in with your existing account.

Click on “See Inside.” If this is your first time in Scratch, the ‘scripts’ (programming commands) you see in the blocks control what has a blue circle on it on the bottom left. There is, in this beginning animation, one backdrop and 2 sprites.  Click the remix button when you are done!  Change the name of the animation, for example, “Hamlet and the Sugar Skulls by Latisha.”

You don’t have to make a lot of changes, but if you want lots of points, check the list below for ideas.

What is the theme this month?

This month’s challenge is the graveyard scene from Shakespeare’s play Hamlet alongside some images from the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead. In the scene from Hamlet, the prince is talking to a skull of someone he knew when he was a child. The actor onstage says to the skull , “Alas, poor Yorick…” Hamlet has some great scenes that deal with how fragile and important life is. The end of October is a time in many cultures and religions to remember those who have died and think about what we should do with the short time we have. Sometimes we can be very serious thinking about such things (lighting candles with quiet hymns). Sometimes we can get silly with costumes and spooky songs. But some thought into how you want your contribution to look and start remixing!

When you are done

1. Be sure to rename the animation
2. Click share
3. Add comments about what changes you made
4. Then, send me an email or a note with your project name and number.
Here is an example of example of a remix.

Point that can be earned (no more than 6!)

1 Programmed the skull to do more than just rotate back and forth.
1 Added Music or Narration
2 Added Music and synced the timing of animations to the music.
1 Added a new Sugar Skull (up to 3 points for 3 different sugar skulls)
3 If you draw your own sugar skull, scan it and add it to the Scratch animation, you can
get 3 points.
1 Added text or narration from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.
1 Added a new papel picado background.

What are the prizes this month?

6 points earns lunch in the Media Lab. You can save your points for puzzles and games that are in the lab with points prices marked.

Entry deadline is November 21


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