Romare Bearden Scratch Animation Challenge

Welcome to the first Scratch Programming Challenge
Open to All Baden Academy Charter School Students (even Kindergarten!)

Each month, the Media Lab will announce a new Scratch Programming Competition. Students are invited to log into the project challenge, click “See Inside” then click “Remix” to add and contribute something to the animation. This month’s challenge is the artwork of Romare Bearden and the music of Jazz.

Steps to enter the challenge:

Click the link to go to the Romare Bearden Scratch Project

Click the green flag to watch the animation that is already programmed.

Click on “See Inside.” If this is your first time in Scratch, the ‘scripts’ (programming commands) you see in the blocks control what has a blue circle on it on the bottom left. There is, in this beginning animation, one backdrop and 5 sprites.

You don’t have to make a lot of changes, you are welcome to remix someone else’s remix (give them credit), and you can stop in the lab or email me for help if you are stuck.

Look for help before you send an email:

  1. When you are in the editor, there is a column on the far right had side that has a tiny question mark at the top. Click on that column and it will open a list of free tutorials.
  2. You can Google “How to Record a Sound in Scratch” or “How to add a sprite in Scratch” and find MANY tutorials.
  3. Ask a classmate!

When you are done:

1. Be sure to rename the animation,
2. Click share,
3. Add comments about what changes you made.
4. Then, send me an email or a note with your project name and number.

Here is an example of example of a remix. You will see it is very similar to the first project. The only change I made was to rename two of the Sprites (good programmers name their objects so others can easily follow their programs).

Point that can be earned (no more than 6!):

1     Renamed a Sprite in a helpful way
1     Added Music
2     Added Music and synced the timing of animations to the music
1     Added a new Background with a different Romare Bearden image and programmed it to appear.
1     Added text with more research details about Romare Bearden or the particular image he created
1     Added a new sprite (in this example, the sprites were made by importing the whole picture,
then erasing everything except the hand or the horn, then making the horn or hand bigger or smaller).
1     Programmed a new sprite.

What is the prize this month?

6 points earns lunch in the Media Lab. You can save your points for future prizes (donations welcome) that will become available.

Entry deadline is October 15


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