Gavin Phillips and Brian Curry: 2014 Research Fellows

Gavin Phillips (4th Grade) with assistant Brian Curry have worked hard on a book titled Saving a Galapagos Penguin Family.

In 1982, El Nino killed 70 percent of the Galapagos penguin population putting them on the Endangered Species List. The penguins are dying out due to pollution, animals brought to the island by humans, natural predators, fishing, and lack of safe nesting areas. Gavin wrote this book to raise money to help in the conservation efforts to protect the penguins and to educate people about the Galapagos Penguins. Profits from the sales of this book benefit the National Aviary.

You are invited to enjoy this wonderful short story about two boys who bravely work to rescue a family of Galapagos Penguins.  Orders can be placed online at .  Check Lulu for coupons codes for up to 25% off.

Watch for Upcoming Events! 

Gavin is working on details for upcoming book signings at the National Aviary and EQuip Books in Aliquippa.


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