Saving Monarchs

Milkweed Planting at Baden Academy Media Lab

Fourth Graders from both Mr. Finn’s and Mrs. Keriotis’s classes worked hard this week to plant milkweed seeds. They listened to the stories from Erin Cheek, 3rd grade research fellow, who is building a monarch waystation.

There is something that is threatening monarch butterflies.

1.Habitat is being destroyed.  Mall shops are being built on the monarchs flowers. They are was logging in Mexico.

2. More frequent weather extremes, for example, there were many drouts in Texas.

3. Parasites can kill the monarchs easily when the monarchs are weak.

4. GMO soy and corn are replacing meadows with milkweed

Baden Academy fourth graders will study plant anatomy and life cycle as their milkweed plants, germinating in the media lab and in milk jugs in the sister’s garden across from the gym, begin to sprout and grow.

If you are interested in planting a milkweed way station at home, send me an email and Erin will send seeds home in an envelope.

Erin sends her thank you to everyone who donated milk jugs!



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