The Imagination Celebration on May 16 6:30

Where can you find a celebration of 12 extraordinary research fellow projects, a display of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Virtual World Programming and Projects, and the Baden Academy Science Fair?

Join us Friday, May 16 from 6:30 to 8:30 as we celebrate!  Help us get the word out!  DOWNLOADABLE FLYER

Kadie Belic (3rd Grade) is premiering her website Kadie’s Souvenirs with Baden Academy print on demand coffee mugs, iPad cases, and student art tees. Funds are being raised to integrate a mission command from Dream Flight Adventures into the Media Lab for all students to use.

Erin Cheek (3rd Grade) has successfully petitioned to make Baden Academy an official Monarch Way Station. Her milkweed plants are being used by 4th grade to understand plant life cycles, germination and pollination concepts for the Science PSSAs.

Ava Coups (4th Grade) with assistants, Glorian McDaniel, Emily Fink, and Bryant Ainsbury have demonstrated the right stuff in their NASA Design Challenge. Their names and the name of Baden Academy are going to space aboard the Orion (NASA’s replacement for the Space Shuttle) as virtual crew members.

Kate Huoy (4th Grade) has created Vegetable ABCs book. The Pittsburgh Food Bank (recipient of anticipated profits of Vegetable ABC book) has expressed an interest in taking on the cost of publishing Kate’s book (a cost usually assumed by parents).

Veronica Judt (4th Grade) with assistant Kamryn Vilsek has produced a book titled Hamster Fun Facts (Profits to benefit PetSmart Charities)

Owen Rossi Keen (4th Grade) has a directory of resources that he has tested in mobile app development

Eli Lishack (4th Grade) with assistant Tim Bayne will be premiering three short films about individual fellows. They are titled: “Blocks of Our School”, “The Butterfly Girl”, and “Veronica, The Hamster

Gavin Phillips (4th Grade) with assistant Brian Curry has worked hard on a book titled Our Galapagos Penguin Family (profits benefit the National Aviary ).

Skylar Reese (4th Grade) has an interactive educational piece to help our film and game makers integrate music into their projects.

Casey Reynolds (4th Grade) with assistants Matt Scheib and Caleb Knox. The Minecraft EDU crew is busy completing a virtual Baden Academy, complete with interactive puzzles in the
hope a board member, sponsor, and teacher would adopt this program to use in at least one of our classrooms next year. Be sure take a moment at the Imagination Celebration to play!

Courtney Webster (4th Grade) with assistant Elise Propst are making their way through the Kindergarten and 1st grades teaching their fellow students How (not) to Break a Computer
using hands on computer parts taken from a laptop they took apart.

Miriam Whitacre (4th Grade) with assistant Jadyn Perza have successfully posted their first “Kitty Whisperers” video on YouTube with over 170 views. They have become cat rescue advocates by helping the Humane Society in their adoption efforts. Come view their second webisode in the screening room!

Virtual World Workstations: Students are invited to bring your parents into the Media Lab and show them what you have created. 2nd grade collaboratively built Virtual Neighborhoods and programmed angry birds. 3rd grade is making movie trailers of original legends from Virtual Lands they’ve imagined, using both Google Docs and Scratch Programming. 4th grade created virtual worlds orbiting stars in our galaxy populated with unique species programmed using Alice 2. Storm Stories Book Sales with individual stories from all fourth graders through the Virtual Worlds

2nd – 4th Grade Science Fair Displays . We challenged our students to perform hands-on scientific investigations or to invent something using the practice of science and engineering. Over a five week period, they have designed, tested, analyzed, and presented a project that uses scientific methods to solve a problem. We hope you enjoy!


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