Virtual Worlds: Species

Virtual Worlds has begun to work on the individual species, creating and programming them in Alice 2.

Students have already created a shared ecosystem on their virtual world with their teammates.

Now, they are creating a unique species in their ecosystem,

  • one that is part of the food web with the species their other teammates
  • one that has a niche in their ecosystem
  • one that becomes more than one as they create the male, the female, and the baby of their species

If they want to play on Alice over the break, you can download it to your computer.

If they create something amazing they want to share with the class, feel free to email me their a2w file.

If they wish to discover some free tutorials for Alice, I suggest:

If they wish to examine some current research on species, may I suggest

Let me know what great things they accomplish! We will be working in February with a real species, Monarch Butterflies, and examining ethical implications of changing environments and food web relationships.


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