Week 6 of Virtual Worlds

Week 6 of Virtual Worlds was this week!

We returned to planetary science for a week to talk about the moon and work to complete our twelve slide Google Docs presentation on our virtual planets. We will continue to polish these, and finish painting our 3D models as we explore atmospheres and weather systems in the coming weeks.

I encourage you to expand this week’s discussion of phases of the moon at home by

  1. Have them play the educational game Selene and learn the major geologic processes scientists believe formed the modern Moon. I am a facilitator for students and can send you a participant access code. By playing the game, students not only learn about how our moon was formed, but they help researchers at Wheeling Jesuit learn about educational games.
  2. Go outside to gaze up at the moon every night and track its stages.
  3. Watch a movie or read a book about the Apollo moon landings (my favorite is stillThe Right Stuff).
  4. Explore Google Moon (now in 3D).

Students continue learning about basic computer skills using Google Drive. They have permission to log into their media lab work while they are at home at continue to build on those skills. Ask them to show you what their group is working on and how good they have become at cutting and pasting images in computer files.

Please help them follow the rules. They are only to access the files they have permission to access. This is an open site and it is only possible if we can trust one another.

I am also looking for a few parent helpers for the virtual world programs (Mon and Wed 11:15-12:45). Let me know if you have clearances and can help!


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