2012-13 Research Fellow: Skylar R.

Skylar R. came to the lab with dreams of working with technology. Her first project idea was not a video. It was to work with an Arduino and program a sign for the lab. But we couldn’t get a mentor, and the programming was currently more in depth than our lab time could involve.

She used what we learned with the Groma robots and movie making and put it together with her love of dancing.

We spent time in the lab to introduce the students to copyrights and creative commons and public domain. The composed music in the video is public domain, but the recording of the music is someone’s work. We understand that to use their work, we have to pay them. So Skylar will is looking for a pianist or electronic musician willing to record and donate a three and a half minute piece of music to accompany her video.

Skylar wishes to monetize the video and post it on YouTube with the proceeds benefiting a local dance scholarship program. Add your comments below and let Skylar know if you can help!



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